Wednesday March 6, 2013

WedMar6CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Ask Your Guides deck and the card I picked is Family.  The message for someone reading this is… are being called to make peace with a loved one.  There may be some tension….conflicting opinions….different personalities clashing…all around annoyances with someone.

You must remember the strong bond you have with this person and that you must let go of the pettiness.  In the grand scheme of things, you may not always see eye to eye but your bond runs deeper than you know.  There is a reason why this person is in your life…..and there are lessons for you to learn from each other.  These lessons include tolerance, compassion, understanding, and support.

Try to put your differences aside and extend yourself to them.  Make the effort to rise above your issues and clear the air.  Neither of you need to be wasting energy on tension….it only brings you down and takes its toll on you mentally, physically, and spiritually.

You may need a break from this person…take some time away from the if necessary.  But as you do so consider all of the goodness they have to offer….the positive aspects of your relationship….and what you can do to make things smoother for you both moving forward.  Whatever it will take….you will figure it out and you will be the one to improve the relationship.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day…..have a great Wednesday!!!