Wednesday December 19, 2012

WedDec19CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Healing with the Fairies deck and the card I picked is Positive Expectations.  The message for someone reading this is… matter what you have experienced in the past that may have been challenging or difficult… must understand its in the past and your reality today is totally different.

Past traumas can get in your way and hold you back from opening up to new positive energy.  Attachment to the fear from what has resulted in the past tricks you into thinking that things will continue to unfold the same way…..and you only expect the worst or less than what you deserve.

Today is a new day with new possibilities… must allow yourself to see what could be rather than what probably won’t be.  When you open up to hope and see the potentials….you send out an energetic open socket for the universe to plug into……where it will charge you with new currents of energy and will light you up.

Your life does not have to be the way you assume it has to be because of how it has been up until now.  Life can be whatever you want it to be…..when you honor your your soul and your heart’s desire….the universe will line everything up to support you….things will work out.

Expect the best and the best will come to you……your expectations are the cause that will lead to the effects.  Don’t underestimate yourself and what you are capable of achieving.  There is no reason why things can’t be perfect for you……truthfully the only thing that can get in your way is your perception of your situation.  If you shift your perception….you will respond to your situations differently and the situation will adjust to how you are responding.

Project positive expectations on to you world…..don’t hold back and don’t limit yourself.  How would you like your things to be?  How would you like to experience life?  Think about it in detail… specific…..consider every aspect clearly and concisely and focus on it…..say…. “…YES….this is how I want things to be and it is possible for things to be this way…..because I deserve no less.”

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day…..have a great Wednesday!!!