Thursday October 11, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Psychic Tarot deck and the card I picked is Truth.  The message for someone reading this is….the time has come where you are realizing what works and does not work for you.  You have reflected on the past and have learned from mistakes….now you can move forward with clarity.  You are more in balance and understand that their is a bigger mission in life for you…..there is more for you to do and contribute…..there is so so much ahead of you.

You have experienced or are experiencing a wake-up call…..a reality check….your eyes are now wide open.  What has laid dormant within you is rising up and cannot be held back any longer.

There is a truth to who you really are and what is important to you that must be expressed.  You may find yourself being more vocal….not holding back… longer in fear of what other’s will think of you when you express yourself.

You are taking all of your strengths and everything you have learned and you are blending it together…..creating… are shifting into an era within your life of creation….new creation.

You might be surprised how things are picking up within your life now….you may have thought things would plateau or slow down….maybe decrease.  But things are increasing… are centered within the truth of who you are and how you see the world…..and from this spot you will progress at a rapid rate.  For standing in truth sets you free….and now that you are free….everything is possible….so much is generating…..and its all comes from you and your conscious awareness of your truth.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day…..have a great Thursday!!!