Thursday February 28, 2013

ThurFeb28CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Archangel deck and the card I picked is Take Back Your Power.  The message for someone reading this is… must realize your potential and capabilities at this time.  You may be underestimating what you can do and what you can accomplish.

Instead of expecting others to lead you….to tell you what do do and how to do it…..depend on yourself for the answers.  You may feel like a victim of your circumstances…..everything you are experiencing is because of others.  That is not the case… have the power to make changes in your life….to get out of a situation….to turn things around to be the way you want things to be.

Start deciding that you are in control of your life….no one controls you.  Decide how you want things to be…..focus on specific intentions and don’t sway when outside forces want to pull you away from those intentions.  Be very clear and consistent regarding your hopes and dreams.

You may have experienced times in your past or in past lives where you were ruled by others… were not allow to make decisions for yourself.   Its time to sever those ties that bound you and held you back in the past.  Quiet your mind and invision any cords attached to you from the past that don’t allow you to exercise your personal power….cut those cords….free yourself and let them go.  Do this mediation 3 times with focused intent…..this will allow you to really step into your own power and direct your life in the way you would like.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day…..enjoy your Thursday!!!