Thursday December 6, 2012

ThuDec6Today I decided to pick a card from the Trust Your Vibes deck and the card I picked is Share a Breath.  The message for someone reading this is…..find time to take a break and do it with another person.  Find a partner to go do something fun with…..whether it be through a creative outlet like taking a class together…..or a little vacation….it could even be a hike or other exercise activity.  Its important go burn some steam with a friend or partner… both need it and will really help each other to have a good time.

If you’ve been feeling stuck….a good way to push through it is to step away for a breather by doing something you love.  Once you detach and let lose….you will be able to transform into what you’ve been hoping for….part of the process of your transition is necessary fun, rest, and relaxation.  If you don’t allow yourself time to live a little….your spirit cannot grow….this creates blocks in all areas of your life including work, health, and romance.

Find a path to lead you away from the day-to-day just for a bit…..and do it with someone.  Get lost in an adventure…..stir up some fun……step out of your box and stretch yourself beyond your usual confines.  Doing so will be a perfect prescription to lift you up and move you forward… ease your tension and put you back in line with peace as well as productivity.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day…..have a great Thursday!!!