Thursday December 13, 2012

ThuDec13CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Archangels deck and the card I picked is Brilliant Idea!  The message for someone is……you are about to get hit with an amazing idea that you should run with full steam ahead.  This idea will come out of nowhere……suddenly you will have an aha moment… will jet into high gear because you will be so inspired.

No idea or dream is too big or too crazy.  Set your goals high because you will achieve them…..energetically things are lining up for you… just have to set your target and carry forward toward it.

Consider taking an epsom or sea salt bath to clarify and cleanse your energy…..while taking the bath allow yourself to slip into a meditative state.  Create a relaxing environment with candles and music if you’d like as well.  This setting will open you up to receive divine guidance…..just don’t jump up and slip when the guidance hits you!

If you’ve already been thinking about pursuing something rather big……go for it!   This is validation from your guides that you should pursue it….there is a reason this opportunity is on your radar and you know deep down in your heart that the potentials are too big to not do anything about it.

Get kickin’ and set your focus……decide on a few things you can do to day to head in that right direction.  Its time…..and its YOUR time!

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day……have a great Thursday!!!!