Sunday August 26, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Ask Your Guides deck and the card I picked is Exhaustion.  The message for someone reading this is…..the pace you’ve been keeping is catching up with you.  The road to the top can be fast and furious and exhilaration….that buzz of excitement….it can only last for so long….eventually one hits a point where they need to take a break.

Listen to your body and take time to relax, sleep, and decompress.  You will only do yourself service by taking a break.  Its commendable that you want to keep working and accomplish as much as possible in your climb to success….but success won’t be achieved if you don’t find balance.

There are big jumps coming on your path and you will need all of your energy to make those jumps.  I see two new big hurdles on the horizon… can successfully make the leaps…..but you must be mindful of your health in order to do so.  All good athletes know that in order to succeed….you must take care of your mind and body.  Rest is extremely crucial right now… is a good balanced diet.

I am seeing a lack of green vegetables……make sure you are consuming spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, kale, wheat grass, any leafy green with chlorophyl at this time.  Taking a daily vitamin is not enough….you must get your vitamins from real whole foods.

If you are drinking a lot of coffee….try to drink it early in the day and not as much later on in the day.  Also make sure you are drinking lots of water while drinking coffee….it will protect your stomach and keep you hydrated as that caffeine takes effect.

Take preventative measures to maintain your best health… you don’t get hit with something when you are needed most.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day…..enjoy your Sunday!!!