Saturday October 6, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Osho Zen Tarot deck and the card I picked is We Are the World.  This message relates to yesterday’s message and continues the theme of unity.  Its important to realize your effect on other people.  Everything you say and do….even the unspoken energy you send people….the looks you give people…..they have a profound effect.

Everyone is connected and in the grand scheme of things….everybody is ONE.  When we hold negative thoughts about someone…..speak negatively…..shoot dirty looks…..that energy ultimately bounces right back to us and brings us down…..lowers our own vibration.

Recognize you are part of a bigger whole…..and the more you can do to be supportive of others….the better off the world will be.  You may feel like what you do does not matter….but it does matter…..every little thought, act, word, glance… really does make a difference.  The energy you share does effect a person in one way or another…..and that person effects other people….who in turn effect others…..effecting the vibration of the entire planet.

If you wonder why the world is not a better place….DO YOUR PART to help change it through random acts of kindness.  Even if its just a smile to someone you do not know…..holding a door open for someone…..saying thank you…..the smallest gestures you send out elevate the energy of the planet.

Also realize negative words, criticisms, actions lower your vibration as well as the planet’s vibration….making everyone and everything more susceptible to problems.  We are all human and its normal to have critical and judgmental thoughts…..but this is a reminder to keep those thoughts in check.  When you feel annoyed….try to shift your perspective to tolerance and understanding.  You and everyone else will be better off if you can let go of the negative and lighten up….turn around and face the bright side.

This is also a message to put on some upbeat music and dance!  Dancing will clear your aura of any lower energies weighing you down…..let loose….have fun….and feel the cleansing vibration of some good music you love.  Shake your tail feather!

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day……have a great Saturday!!!