Saturday October 27, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Healing with the Angels deck and  the card I picked is Blessings.  The message for someone reading this is…..share a little bit of yourself with others.  Offer your services, your heart, your support at this time.

Someone will be coming to you in need… can provide is the goodness of your heart….the ray of light you shine will offer healing.  This doesn’t necessarily mean someone will come your way asking for money…..rather…..somebody needs guidance and support with a specific situation.

You’ve been blessed in many areas of your life…..this is an opportunity to pass along the blessings.  Be present and open to those around you…..there is a karmic connection with this person and this is an opportunity to balance it out for the both of you.

I see someone or some people feeling alone, a little desperate, stranded and needing help.  Make yourself available… have the power and ability to help save the day and make a difference in other peoples’ lives.  Almost like a soldier….you will be called to duty.   This is an important opportunity even if the situation is minor…..because you are stepping up when called….providing from the heart.  Its not about you being a savior….its about being of service in another person’s time of need.

Every little bit you do for others contributes to uplifting the world….whether what you do is big or small.  Continue to send out your great energy….be there for others….willing and able… it will calibrate a higher vibration of energy for all.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day…..have a great Saturday!!!