Saturday November 10, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Osho Zen Tarot deck and the card I picked is Success.  The message for someone reading this is… should feel confident and good… are making progress and heading in the right direction.  The universe is showering you with abundance.  If you do not see this yet…..look up and open your awareness to it.

Sometimes people close themselves off from amazing opportunities because they always assume the worst or do not expect anything good to come their way.  You must keep your head up and be optimistic….stay open to the possibilities because they are flowing your way.  You are on the verge of great strength and accomplishment… will be able to stand tall and proud.

Take a moment to recognize your successes…..what you can be thankful for and what you have achieved.  They can be the small things in life such as successfully completing a task at home, your to-do list, a work project…..or even larger things such as a relationship, finances, etc.

What’s most important is that you recognize the successes in the areas of your life that are most important….instead of focusing on what you possess or do not possess…..focus on the goodness, love, knowledge, compassion, and the support in your life.

You have so much to be happy about…..and if you do not feel that….take a closer look at your life….you may only judging your life on the surface….rather than within the heart.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day……have a great Saturday!!!