Saturday August 4, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Ask Your Guides deck and the card I picked is New Life. The message for someone reading this is….you are giving birth to amazing new energy…..vibrant….loving and wonderful. This definitely has to do with creative projects……the seeds you planted in the spring are sprouting…….lots of growth occurring as you head into the fall.

Always remember that when something begins….there is so much ahead…..a lot of growth to look forward to….and therefore you should not lose your patience. Its good to start at the beginning of something…..and you should enjoy the beginning and all the newness that comes with it….rather than rushing things.

You will always look back fondly at the beginning……live in the moment and enjoy everything that is occurring each day…..instead of always having your mind focused on the future.

I see new life coming into the picture as well……a new pet, child, or even a wonderful garden. I also see this as having to do with a neighbor, family member, or someone you know….someone close to you…..that may bring into your life a child, pet, or garden. You will connect with this new life and will experience amazing love…..a love you never saw coming….and it will remind you of how unexpected life is….full of surprises, twists, and turns.

Lots of great new energy coming into the picture….open your arms wide because there will be a lot to embrace!

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day…..have a great Saturday!!!