Monday January 7, 2013

MonJan7CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Rider-Waite deck and the card I picked is the 10 of Wands.  The message for someone reading this is… are crossing over into a new place after a great deal of hard work.  You have invested a lot of time and energy and now comes the opportunity to see the results.

The final few steps to get there will involve pulling together all your resources….this may seem like a challenge in figuring out how to pull it all together….but you’ve come this far and you will succeed.

This is also a message to cautious of spreading yourself too thin and taking too much on at one time.  If you have too much on your plate… will not be able to be fully present for each of your obligations.  Prioritize what is best for you right now……there will be time for everything….its better to create order and not tackle it all at once.

If you try to do it all right now….something will give….you may feel like its now or never but that is not the case….everything in due time.  Decide what your goals are….where you see all of this going and then plan your next step accordingly.  Take some of the tasks and responsibilities you hope to accomplish and place them in the hopper for the future….but visualize where they will fit in down the line….make a plan.

Be flexible and allow yourself enough time for rest and relaxation.  Everything you’ve been hoping for and working toward is coming up….its right in front of you….and in order to handle the new responsibilities… will serve you best to leave room for freedom and downtime.  If you don’t allow yourself some flex time….you will feel pressure.  Let go of the need to overachieve….be realistic….prioritize….and enjoy this time…..there is a lot blossoming!

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day…..have a great Monday!!!