Monday August 20, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Life Purpose deck and the card I picked is Options.   The message for someone reading this is… not worry about your income or your job situation.  The universe is aligning things up for you and will take care of you.

Any concerns you have are because you can feel change on the horizon….and the feeling of change can be unsettling.   Opportunities are coming your way and they will present themselves at the perfect time.

The time to jump is coming soon but you must first weigh your options and decide what is calling you.  Listen closely…..of the options you are considering….one offers a strong message.  What I see is you must make a few calls to find this important message….you must put yourself out there….this message won’t come to you….you must be proactive and go to it.  You will hear this message loud and clear, what you will hear will set off a bell within you….and you will know this is the option you must pursue for your highest good.

Everything is shifting to support a new existence for you.  When you take that leap it will not be like you are free-falling into an abyss….you will have the ability and strength to soar.

Reveal yourself a little more….express who you really are….show your true colors and do not hide behind anything.  Doing so will bring to you that which you desire….clarifying the vague….solidifying the evasive.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day…..have a great Monday!!!