Friday September 14, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Archangel Michael deck and the card I picked is Focus on Divine and Perfect Health.  The message for someone reading this is…..when it comes to your state of health… optimistic and avoid pessimism.   I’m hearing something about….”woe is me….” …..if this is resonates with you….maybe you’ve been feeling sorry for yourself….its time to shift your attitude.

You can make a difference with your health and the first step is your frame of mind.  Imagine yourself exactly the why you would like to be…..see this in your mind’s eye and shower the image with golden light.  Hold this image in your mind….meditate on it…..see it….feel it.  Feel the warm energy of existing as your perfect Self.  Take this image and see it above your head….pull it down through your head….through your neck….into your heart….down the core of your body….through your pelvis….and down through your legs…..ground this energy all the way down into the core of the earth.  Make a practice of visualizing your best healthiest Self in this way on a consistent regular basis.

Ask for guidance each morning from your team of angels and guides to point you in the right direction toward perfect health.  Listen to that inner voice…..when you ask for help….you will receive.  Your team of guidance will help motivate you….curb your urges and/or cravings…..and will present to you people and information the will enlighten your journey.

Never doubt your potential and never give up pursuing it…..don’t get in your own way when it comes to your best healthiest Self.  The first step in achieving this state is saying yes….it is possible….and I am doing it….I can achieve it.  Then take note….because your path to your best health will become vivid and detailed.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day…..have a great Friday!!!