Friday August 10, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Mermaids & Dolphins deck and the card I picked is Alchemy.  The message for someone reading this is……there is something special for you to create at this time and to send it out into the world.  I see this having to do with sketching or writing something.

Pick up a pencil and see what flows through you.  Using a pencil allow you to make changes…..if you are sketching it allows you to blend….to merge… spread the darker shades to lighter.  You will be surprised what you start to create….and I see this really leading to something.

This is a strong reminder to take time for yourself to sit down and create something…..don’t hold any expectations for what you create…..don’t think….just do it.  Allow yourself to let go…..surrender to creativity.  Doing so will open up a channel of new energy to flow through you.

Whatever this is that you are creating…..I see a trip related to it with frequent stops…..and you will not be alone in your travels…..someone will be accompanying you.  The person accompanying you will offer you assistance in doing what you need to do….showing you the way….forward and upward.

You have come out of the woods….out of a period of confusion and complications…..and things look clearer ahead.  There will be more space for you to move, to create, and to grow.  You will have a clearer sense of where you are headed and what is coming your way.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day…..have a great Friday!