Where Do You Find Inspiration?

somlgWho or what inspires you?  Do you ever find yourself watching or listening to someone and you think….wow….thats amazing…..look at what they bring through to the world!

Every single person has a gift to share with the world…it does not have to be something advertised and announced to millions of people (though it could!).  It could be something subtle yet powerful that touches a select few.

Recognizing the gifts within others can bring forth the gifts within yourself….inspiring you to create, to be a greater version of yourself, and to express your true Self for your own benefit and the benefit of others.

I love appreciating artists of all kinds…..art inspires me to want to create and express myself…..art fills me with ideas and inspirations that fuel my work.  My love for the arts ignites my creativity and in turn deepens my connection to Spirit…..strengthens my intuition…..and effects all aspects of my life for the better.

When I witness an artist expressing their deepest creative Self….fearlessly sharing a part of themselves with the world….being who they truly are, tapping into Spirit and using their god-given talents…..it lights me up and gets me off my feet….like a domino making contact and leaning on me…sparking  energy within me and encouraging me to create and bring forth something to the world.

Inspiration can be a form of energy healing….transferring from one person to another.  Consider who or what inspires you…..it does not have to be art related….it could be a teacher, writer, thought leader, family member, an animal, a location, a building, a tree…..anything or anyone.

This can be an exercise to help shed light on how you are inspired and what that stirs up within you.  Focus on that inspiration….meditate on it……and bring it to your heart center so you can really soak it in and then circulate that energy throughout your body.

Appreciating who inspires you and giving thanks for that inspiration, whether it be personally thanking someone or merely giving thanks to the universe, this will ignite your own creativity, uplift your mood, and enhance your soul!

Feel free to email me and share your inspirations!

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