What Have You Asked Your Guides Lately?

whisperingPeople often do not realize they are not alone….that they have a team watching over and  protecting them.  Sure…we may have friends and family giving their two cents…..but each individual also has a team of angels and guides “on the other side” who are always surrounding us and are available if we need them.

It may sound crazy to some….but when you think about it….how often have you felt a sudden hunch or push to not do something and you later learn you avoided something that could have put you in harm’s way?  Or you suddenly felt the urge out of nowhere to move forward with something you otherwise never would have thought of doing….and you end of being so glad you did?

Your team of angels and guides will nudge you and make suggestions for your highest good….you do not have to listen….everyone has the freedom of choice.  But their guidance is always for our betterment and often they will sit back and wait for us to ask.

Many times I have been circling for a parking spot and I have asked my guides to help me find one and….. sure enough….bam….a spot is available in the perfect location.  I have also asked to be guided to the next great teacher or book I should read….and suddenly a flyer for a class will be at my feet….or I will be in a bookstore and a book will literally fall off the shelf right in front of me.

Angels and guides love helping but its important to ask for their assistance….if you ask you shall receive.  Once you receive its important to thank them!  Sometimes you may feel you are not getting an answer….it could be because it may not be the answer you hoped to receive and you are blocking out the truth.  Or else you have to read between the lines, sometimes the communication is subtle.

Often they will communicate by way of a song you hear in passing where the words ring true to your situation.  You may find yourself driving and the words on a billboard are the answer to your question.  It’s important to pay attention to the signs and to alway be open to receiving guidance.  The guidance is always there around you….its up to you to notice it!

Angels will also make their presence known when you encounter a feather….this has happened to me many times.  I have found myself at a loss, frustrated and not knowing what to do and then suddenly there is a feather next to me or on my shoulder….and I am in a location where there are no birds or no feather pillows or blankets that could have left one astray.   When I’ve noticed the feather I always laugh and lighten up…..I appreciate the acknowledgement and recognize that they are there to help me….I need to remember to ask them for help….and then listen to their guidance with all of my senses.

Finding a random coin is another way angels and guides make their presence known….as well clouds in the sky in the shape of angels.  Yes it may sound PUBLISHED by catsmob.comwacky….but its the truth and if you leave judgement aside and open up to the possibilities…..you will receive assistance and support whenever you need it.

What are your experiences with angels and guides?  Have you ever met one in a dream?  Has a feather or coin come to you in a very random way?  Have you looked up into the sky and saw something that made you think you are crazy but you know you weren’t just seeing things?

Share your stories in the comments……or if you’d rather keep them private feel free to email me!   If you cannot recall experiencing any of these types of things, you probably just were not paying close attention.  If this is all new information to you…..try asking your angels and guides to communicate and assist you…..then sit back….pay attention…. and receive their help….and don’t forget to give thanks!