Wednesday June 27, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Angel Tarot deck and the card I picked is The Sun.  The message for someone reading this is……you are entering a very positive time…..stepping up onto the stage of life where you will shine.  Lots of growth, optimism, potential, and blessings.

Transformation is taking place….your hard work is paying off….everything you have worked toward is coming to fruition.  You are creating or will create a network to channel your work and energy….to spread it out beyond your current situation or existence.

More new opportunities are coming your way and no decision is a bad one.  You will feel balanced, warm, fulfilled, and joyous.  After putting so much of yourself out into the universe…..many blessings are coming back to you now….be open and receive them.

You are entering a period of being very grounded and powerful….you take action and accomplish everything you’ve hoped to….living out your dreams and making them a reality.

This is a very powerful and positive card…..the Sun is shining on you…..absorb its energy….embrace its light…..and shine your own powerful radiant Self out to the world….this is your time to shine!

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day….have a great Wednesday!!!