Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012

Today I decide to pick a card from the Healing with the Angels deck.  The card I picked is Children….and as I tune into this card I am not getting a message to go spend time with kids or anything like that.  The message I am receiving is for someone reading this that needs to reconnect with someone from there past.  There is an old friend that you cherished, someone you were really close to, someone that you had a ton of fun with…..a person you trusted and when you looked at them you could see yourself in them….and they saw you in their own self.  The bond was strong and deep.  This may be a childhood friend or a friend from college that you partied with… dreamed big together….and I’m hearing “you looked at the world through rose-colored glasses together.”

Overtime you lost touch….as people do….you grew apart and moved on….but the connection between you is still there and very much real and still alive.  Your soul contract with this person is still in place and even though this person seems like a memory and in the past…..there are still lessons for you to learn from each other.  I am seeing a framed photo of the two of you together…..look around….is there a framed picture around of you with an old friend?  Has the picture been catching your eye lately?  Were you recently looking though a photo album and a picture of you and an old best friend jumped out at you?  Have you been wondering what this person is up to and/or why and how you lost touch?

Make the effort to reach out to this person and reconnect.  There is a message they have for you, there is a reason you are supposed to reconnect with them.  You may not receive the message in your first conversation with them….but something will come up and assist you in some way greatly.   You will also be of great assistance to them and have a message for them that you do not realize yet.  You will both help each other on a lot of levels….and also….. connecting with them will fill your heart and soul with joy and laughter….reminding you of your true self… much you evolved….as well as what is really important to you in your life today.

Think about it….who is that old friend that has been on your mind lately?  They are thinking of you too right now…..look them up today… will be so happy you rekindled the special relationship!

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day.  Have a great day today!