Wednesday February 4, 2015

WedFeb4CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Ask Your Guides deck and the card I picked is Balance.  The message for today is… may be giving too much and not opening yourself up to receiving enough.

This may apply to any area of your life….friendships, at work, in romantic relationships, or with family.  If you are always offering to help others, listening to others and sending a lot of energy out…….there may be an imbalance.   This might manifest as feeling exhausted but also having a hard time sleeping…..tightness in the shoulders and back… upset stomach….a hard time staying mentally focused.

When you allow yourself to receive from others it creates an energetic alignment….often clearing up what’s been throwing you off.  If you feel like no one is offering you anything to receive….pay closer attention.  Many people are around you offering assistance……and its okay to accept it.  Just say yes….okay….thank you!

Also sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is by allowing them to experiene giving by giving to you.   Exchanges of energy create balance and keeps every individual feeling centered and at their best.

Pay attention to your flow of energy and where you are at with the tipping scales…..whether you are giving too much…..or maybe receiving too much and need to put a little energy out there into circulation.

Who is offering you something that you can gladly accept today?

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