Wednesday February 11, 2015

WedFeb11CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Psychic Tarot deck and the card I picked is Firm Foundation.  The message for today is…. you are setting yourself up for success…..setting the stage that you will be able to build upon to achieve all your desires.

As you continue to build your foundation….remember to appreciate the sources of the support you are receiving and contributing to your foundation.  Don’t rush the process of building this foundation….pay attention to areas that may need more attention than others…..added reinforcement to avoid cracks.

This is the period of really laying the groundwork…..investing your energy into something that will grow and evolve.  It may seem like there is a lot ahead of you but don’t let them overwhelm you.  Keep your attention on securing the foundation while still holding the long term vision.  Take it day to day….set daily goals for yourself.

Consider drawing out a map of where you are heading…..just a quick sketch on paper will do.  Allow your mind to go with it and be creative….what would that map look like?  Where are you standing today on that map and where is the destination?  What does the journey and steps to get there look like?

This is more of a figurative vision…..make it fun and just see what you draw…what comes through when you let your Higher Self map out what it all would look like.  Let this be a great way to ground some of the energy that often gets bottled up in the mind.  When you take a look at what you have created you may receive new ideas and inspirations that will help you add to that foundation you are building.

Are you recognizing and appreciating the foundation you are building today?


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