Wednesday Feb. 1 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Saints & Angels deck and the card I picked is Triumphant.  This a great card for the first day of a new month!   As I tune into it I am getting a message for someone reading this that they’ve been making a lot of progress in what they are doing….and things are really about to pick up!  Fasten your seat belt because things will be moving very fast….full steam ahead and you are on the verge of attaining that goal you’ve set out to achieve.

What you’ve hoped for is within your grasp….but you need to stay focused and do not get distracted by what’s happening around you….you are too close!  Keep your eye on the prize and do not lose sight of your goals.  Remind yourself of your goals and recognize the remaining steps ahead that will get you there…..see the path you are walking and what is in front of you.

You now have the strength to stand on your own two feet without relying on others to hold you up or boost your confidence… possess the confidence and have built a strong core within yourself to stand tall as the capable and powerful individual you have become.  It is also important to keep a very positive attitude at this time…..there are always challenges we face but they will pass….and whatever bumps you face…..they are minor….you are doin’ it…..and doin’ it well!

I am also getting a strong message to drink plenty of water….always have a bottle of water with you and stay hydrated.  You pace is picking up a great deal and you need water to keep you grounded, to provide clarity, and to keep you focused and balanced.  It sounds obvious to drink lots of water but many people forget to…..and right now its a simple yet very important key to your overall well being.

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day.  Have a great day today!