Tuesday February 10, 2015

TueFeb10CardToday I decided to pick a card from The Enchanted Map deck and the card I picked is Dry Desert.  Th message for today is…..you may feel like you are going through a dry spell…..not making progress….not seeing any activity…..maybe hitting dead ends.

Don’t be fooled though…..this dry patch does not stretch forever…..there is an oasis on the horizon.

If things feel “dry”…..this is a challenge to turn within for nourishment.  You are being called to rely on yourself for what you need rather than on outside sources.

Life may not always consist of riding a wave….sometimes things calm….and when they do….use the time to reorganize….recreate…..contemplate….and explore.

When you change your perspective and appreciate what this period has to offer…..you will realize things are not “dry” after all.  You just needed to readjust your perception and ways of processing whats around you.

Its almost like looking at one of those magic eye pictures that look they are only static.  As you readjust your eyes and your focus by relaxing…..you perspective changes and suddenly you see something amazing in 3D……but at first glance it looked like static.

Take a deep breath and readjust yourself to your surroundings.  See this as an opportunity to tap into what you already have…..dig deeper within to find a way to understand more clearly that all is well and the elements are actually perfect for supporting you at this phase in your journey.


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