Tuesday Feb. 21, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Archangels deck and the card I picked is Gentleness.  The message I am getting for someone reading this is….you have been edgy and moody lately….short-tempered and grumpy.  Often people pick up the habits, moods, and energy of the people around them….whether it be close friends or within a work environment where people are on edge.  It is important to protect yourself from letting this energy around you effect you.  The first step is recognizing it is not your stuff…..seeing that the people around you or the environment you are in is projecting this harsh energy and understanding its not yours and you don’t need to carry it.

Reading negative news stories or articles….watching harsh movies or television…..or even listening to hard loud intense music can magnify this….creating your mood and energy to vibrate at a lower level.  There are definitely times where we are resilient to these lower energies but there are also times when are defenses of them are not as strong.  Today is a day to be mindful of your energy….to protect yourself from any harshness around you so you can vibrate at the high level where you are your best.

One way to shield yourself is to envision yourself within a turquoise bubble of light…..place yourself within this light before you leave the house…talking to people….and/or walking into a public place.  You are not cutting yourself off by doing this….the turquoise light allows you to interact and function….but it filters out any lower energies from effecting your field.

Another great way to balance yourself out is to listen to uplifting music….music that is on the softer side.  There is nothing wrong with hard music…..but when one’s energy is being challenged….it is best to stick with the lighter….happier music….this will ease any tense feelings you are experiencing and will elevate your mood.

If you can avoid intense people or situations today…..that’s best….just for a day so you can re-balance and not be affected.  But if you have to deal…..recognize what your are walking into….shield yourself….hold the vision of being encompassed within turquoise light…..and listen to some good music!

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day….have a great Tuesday!