Thursday May 31, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Fool’s Wisdom oracle card deck and the card I picked is The Play Fool.  The archetype of the Fool offers an objective unedited view our ourselves…..providing guidance, assistance, and direction.

The message for someone reading this is… need have a little more balance in your life at this time by letting loose and having a little fun.  I’m seeing a person who has not left a room or office very much lately….constantly buried in a book or sitting at a computer…..having a hard time focusing….getting distracted by little things around the room….losing your attention span.  You may even have a feeling of the walls closing in on you….pressure mounting.

A good way to alleviate this kind of distractedness and pressure is by stepping away from the space in which you are feeling it….and get the blood pumping.  Move your body….dance, run, walk, go to a gym, just get moving in some way in order to circulate your energy.

Get outside and take in some fresh air…..get a little sun…..kick your shoes off and walk in some grass, dirt, or water to ground yourself and connect with the earth.  The earth’s energy rises up through your feet and cleanses your energetic body.

There is no need to feel guilty for wanting to go have a little fun….you will still be a responsible worker….if anything….you will be an even better worker if you go take a break and have some fun because you will balance your system and will be abel to focus and accomplish more.

Consider this a wake-up call to take a time-out and play….connect with your spirit….you deserve it….its a matter of being responsible for your personal health.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day….have a fantastic Thursday!!!