Thursday May 24, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Archangel Raphael deck and the card I picked is Meditation.  The message for someone reading this… may be debating whether a certain situation you are facing is right or wrong….you would like to do the right thing but have doubts that the course of action being taking may be wrong or inappropriate.

Over-thinking this situation veils the truth and and clouds clear guidance that is available to you.  Take the situation out of the mind and place it within your heart….what does your heart say?  Do you feel a sense of peace?  Or do you feel pangs of anxiety?

In order to receive clear guidance… must quiet your mind and mediate…..allow yourself the time to sit in quiet and receive.  When one does not take this time out in stillness and receive…..they over-think and cloud their judgement.

Debating and over-thinking will not help… will be much better off and will receive your answers by taking time to not think at all.  Let your mind wander….it does not have to be in total silence….a guided meditation will work too.  Just try to drown out the busyness around you as well as the busyness within your mind.

Meditation is also very important for your physical health at this time…..if you are feeling physically “off” in some way within your body…..practice meditation to clear energy that may be hindering you.  We pick up all sorts of energy all the time everywhere…..and sometimes this energy latches on to us and can effect us physically.  Meditation offers the opportunity to rid yourself of energies that manifest through your physical well-being.

You may hear all the time to meditate….its good for you (“…yea yea….I know….whatever….”)…..but the reason why you are reading this to day is because you need to be reminded to regularly meditate….it does work….it will heal you….and it will serve you well during times challenges as well as joyous moments.  When in doubt……meditate!!!!

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day….have a great Thursday!!!