Thursday June 28, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Fool’s Wisdom oracle card deck and the card I picked is The Youth Fool.  The archetype of the Fool offers an objective unedited view our ourselves…..providing guidance, assistance, and direction.

The message for someone reading this is that you need to loosen up…..go have some fun and burn some steam.  You need to have a little fun because all of your seriousness and focus is weighing you down….creating a pessimism as well as apprehension.

You are feeling very cautious so you don’t get burned since you’ve been burned in the past…..and its keeping you from living in the moment and moving out into the world to do what you are meant to be doing.  What’s happened in the past will not happen again….you lived through those lessons and you must let all of that go… will not get burned.

Step out of your comfort zone….instead of turning right as you always do…..turn left and see what happens (or vice versa).  Its time to mix things up…..I am seeing a Santa snow globe that needs to be shaken…..your life is that globe…..shake things ups….make it snow!   If you are not sure how to do this….ask your guides to give you some direction….they are with you at all times and will help if you just ask.

What have you been wanting to do but have not had the time?  Go do something fun and spontaneous….something out of your ordinary…..this will bring new energy into your life and help instigate necessary change.

I am also seeing some sort of big performance coming up for you….you will be performing in some fashion for a group of people and it will be extremely rewarding….you will feel inspired and reinvigorated.  Find this opportunity to perform in some way……you will knock their socks off and it will build your confidence.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day….enjoy your Thursday!!!