Thursday June 21, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Archangel Raphael deck and the card I picked is Leave A Stressful Situation Behind.  The message for someone reading this continues the messaging from yesterday.  Due to your sensitivity at this time….you must remove yourself from situations that are unhealthy.

If you find that the circle of people you surround yourself with are aways spewing negativity…..try to step away from them politely.  If you have to deal with them….due to work or whatever…..don’t contribute to the negativity they are putting forth…..let them say what they want to say…..but avoid adding to their gossip or other disparaging comments.  You don’t have to criticize or correct them….you can just nod your head….but then move on….try to steer the conversation to more positive subjects.

Don’t feel you have to stoop to other people’s levels because of pressure or a counter-attack out of defensiveness.  Explore other opportunities as well as other people that are of a higher vibration.  Always being a part of negative conversations can be taxing on your health and well-being….its just not necessary… do not need that stress and you don’t have to settle for it.

Tap into your confidence and realize there are better places you can be…..healthier environments…..healthier people.  There are options…..remember your strengths and successes to date and step out of your box to explore new healthier opportunities.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day…..enjoy your Thursday!!!