Thursday January 26, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Archangel Michael deck.  The card I picked is Forgive Yourself: You’ve Done Nothing Wrong. As I tune into this card I am getting a message for someone reading this that they are being weighed down by guilt.  Something happened in the past that has been on your mind lately and distracting you…..I am picking up on a parent who feels guilty toward the way they treated/raised their child…..I am also picking up on someone who feels like they have not been respectful of their parent(s) in the past.  In addition I am picking up on someone who has had an issue with a neighbor…..but this can apply to anyone reading this who is currently distracted by a conflict with someone that happened in the past.

There is heavy guilt over how you interacted with someone but it is important to understand that you did nothing wrong…..everything happens as it should and you had a soul contract with this person where there were lessons to be learned from each other through this situation.  The situation is in the past now though…..and it is hanging on you like a bad suit that is dated and needs to be given to good will….it is stale energy that is constricting and smothering you…..making you uncomfortable.   It is time to clear yourself of this old energy so it does not distract you from receiving new positive energy.  This conflict with the person is over and done with….you did what you did in the situation and the best thing you can do now is forgive yourself.

Everyone makes mistakes…..its a part of life….mistakes make us stronger…..but what is key to gaining that strength is recognizing the situation for what it was and that….hey….you may have made mistakes….but now you recognize you could have done better.  If you can apologize to the person you were involved with….great…..if they are gone forever from your life that’s okay too…..make the intention to apologize to them and even say it out loud.  But what is most important is to forgive yourself.  Recognizing your mistakes and forgiving yourself will free you of this constricting energy and will create a positive shift for the better in your life.

An additional healing I can offer is….close your eyes and imagine Archangel Michael appearing to you….glowing in a purple light…..he starts to circle around you clockwise….and as he does so….he is hold a glowing white vacuum and vacuums you up and down…..taking alway the stale energy of this situation.  He circles around you three times vacuuming you up and down.  After the third time around you, he flips a switch on the vacuum so it begins to emit a golden yellow light of high vibration positive energy…..and he circles around you three more times clockwise…..shining his beam of light up and down with each passing and replacing all of that old energy with new energy to uplift and energize you… you can move forward and shine your brightest!

Another side message I am being told to share is…..its time to go to the dentist!  Has it been on your mind lately?  Well there is a reason…..go get your teeth checked out before it becomes a real problem!

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day.  Have a great day!