Thursday February 5, 2015

ThurFeb5CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Psychic Tarot deck and the card I picked is Patience. The message for today is… must not be hard on yourself and you should know that everything is happening in divine timing. You will get there…..but you must allow yourself to evolve.

Nothing happens overnight….you’ve planted the seeds and now is the time to hone your skills….to absorb as much as you can….and practice. Each day provides you will more new experiences that contribute to your foundation.

Continue to explore and discover…..take in as much as you can…..expose yourself to as many situations as possible. By doing so you are watering your spiritual garden…..the more you know….the more you will grow.

Sit tight and don’t rush into anything because you feel you are racing against the clock. If you feel pressured into something….pass on it. Better opportunities will present themselves andy they will not put needless pressure on you. You don’t need any extra stress….there is something better ahead.

Don’t try to force things to happen….let them unfold as they may and you will experience more out of life than you are this day.  While you are being patient….contemplate weaving everything together you already have….and see what you can make from all of it.

There is something amazing for you to create…..and right now is the time to figure it out….because you have time on your side.

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