Thursday February 12, 2015

ThurFeb12CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Psychic Tarot deck and the card I picked is Partnerships & Alliances.  The message for today is to be open to working with others.

Sometimes we can close ourselves off from receiving help and offering assistance because of a lack of trust….fear of getting hurt…..and/or an ego thing where we want to show we’ve got it covered and can handle of all of it on our own..

There is strength in numbers and big potentials for success….allow yourself to open up and hear what others have to offer.  There may be a few people coming your way that will help you take something to the next level.  Make sure you are not missing out on these opportunities.

Be present, open, and available.  Share what you have to offer and consider how you can contribute to someone else’s plans.

The people and opportunities coming your way may feel very different from you at the surface and you may think you will not gel well with them.  But when you pay closer attention and investigate further….you might see that the differences you share blend to create the perfect balance of ying and yang.  Success will be in the diversity.

Who is reaching out to work with you at this time?

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