Thursday Feb. 2, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Trust Your Vibes deck, and the card I picked is Play.  As I tune into this card I am getting a message for some reading this that you’ve been operating at a fast pace and you feel like your heading is spinning a little from it all.  A lot has been happening and being busy can be great….but its also important to have balance.

When you are constantly go go going… can burn out.  It is a good thing to be focused and productive and to be covering a lot of ground…..but its also very important to be able to step away and recharge by having a little fun and enjoying yourself a little.  This is not a message to blow off your responsibilities….rather….just take a little time to step away to decompress.  To much of anything taps you out….if you are working constantly and feel you’ve made a lot of progress…..this is a message that its okay and a good thing to take a little break by having some fun….you are allowed to defragment.

Taking the time to play reinvigorates you and balances your spirit so you can continue to be productive in whatever you are doing.  Take a night off to do whatever is fun for you….go dancing or check out some live music….. live music is a fantastic way to raise your vibration….connecting with the frequency of the music will clear you and open you up more to your intuition.

If playing like a kid in a park is fun for you….go do it!  Remember how fulfilling it was as a kid to just play…..what can you do to feel that way again?  Maybe its taking an afternoon off to go to a museum and let your mind wander and be inspired.  Or maybe spending time at home decorating a little or working on your garden.  Whatever it is…..make the time to play.  Even if you have to schedule it on your calendar….do it!  When you are driving a car you don’t wait until the gas tank is totally empty to fill it….you fill it before the car breaks down…..consider yourself the car that needs to take some breaks here and there to refill your tank.  Give yourself permission….it will benefit you in the long run!

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day……enjoy your Thursday!