Thursday April 12, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Daily Guidance from Your Angels deck and the card I picked is Ask.  The message for someone reading this is……often a person can get caught up in frustration regarding how to handle a situation…..not having the answers….feeling they are at a loss and helpless.

This is a reminder that you are not alone… have a team of angels and guides working with you to help you along your path.  They are there to help you…..all you need to do is ask for their help.  Have a conversation with them….ask for help out loud even….the sound of your voice carries a vibration that connects quicker and deeper with the astral plane (though you don’t have to speak out loud).

Many people were taught as children to ask and you shall receive….to pray if you would like something….but as they grow older….they are often distracted by judgment, dogma, or just being too busy.  But if you take a few moments to tune out the world around you and ask for guidance….you will receive assistance you need.

This is also a message to not be afraid of asking for help from others around you.  It is okay to need assistance from others….you can’t do it all alone.  You have been there for others…..other people will be there for you in your time of need…..but sometimes you need to ask them for their help.  People cannot read your mind (well….maybe sometimes!)…..reach out to someone if you have questions…..they will appreciate you ask them and it will assist you in whatever challenge you are facing.

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day…..have a great Thursday!!!