The Write Way to Your Soul

SOMjnlA fantastic way to really open up to your intuition, to your team of guides, and to the essence of your soul is through writing.   People often talk about the importance of journaling….but I find that not very many people actually make a regular practice of it.

A long time ago, one of my teachers recommended Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way.   Its a workbook where you create habits to get into the flow of your creativity….its an amazing book that I highly recommend.  One of key points in the book is writing…….Julia refers to it as the Morning Pages.   She suggests as soon as you wake up in the morning, grab a journal and start writing…..write for 3 full pages.

You don’t have to write about anything…..just whatever flows through your mind.  If all you write is “I don’t know what to say” over and over….thats okay…..just as long as you write.  You can vent about something,  make a wish list for the day,  a list of everything you love….or don’t love……write about your dreams…..write about what you hope will happen that day… does not matter as long as you write.

When you write you open up a channel connected to your Higher Self…..and the place where your ideas, creativity, dreams, and desires live and wait for you to pull them through….a place deep within your soul.  This is also a place where your intuition offers information….as well as where your angels and guides will connect with you.  The more you write on a regular basis….the stronger you will connect with this place within you…..and the easier it will be for you to receive guidance from the higher realms.

You don’t have to write in the morning…..its amazing if you can as soon as you wake up because you are coming our of a dream state and its a great way to kick off your day.  But it can be really hard to do that if you share a bed with someone or have kids or animals to attend to first thing….or if you are always running late for work.  If you live alone…..try setting your alarm for a half hour earlier so you have time to write.

In my experience, as long as you can find the time to write for 3 pages in a journal at some point during the day its fine and will work.  Sometimes I get to it mid morning after I have taken care of a few things….but I’ve even done my journaling later in the day.

I’ve looked back at some of my journals and read about my hopes and dreams and am amazed at everything that came true and came through for me.  When you write down your thoughts and your dreams you ground them in reality…..its like you are materializing them on the earth plane…..seeds that are planted and the more you continue to write…..its like you are watering those seeds.

Amazing things will happen when you get in the habit of writing.  It does not have to be a poem, a story, or a masterpiece of any sort.  You don’t have to be a ‘writer.’   Again….you can write about nothing for 3 pages…..its just the energetic process of writing that will really opening you up…..clearing a channel for a river from your soul to flow out into the world.

Make it special and buy a nice journal…..or even just start out with a spiral notebook or a few pieces of paper.   At least try it out and allow yourself a few weeks to a month of doing it every day….in the morning or at some point during each day…..and see what magic you create.

Keep me posted in the comments or email me and let me know how it goes for you!

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