The Pink Bubble Technique

pinkbubbleWhen I was in high school, I was extremely stressed out about my college entrance exams and I discovered Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization audio tapes where I learned the Pink Bubble technique.  This technique changed my life and how I manage stress… totally calmed my nerves and I was successful in completing my exams and graduating.  Over the years I have used it regularly when needed and have modified it a bit over time.

Begin by getting comfortable….either lay down or sit back in a chair.  Close your eyes and take ten slow deep breaths in through your nose and exhaling out through your mouth.

Imagine whatever is stressing you out or causing you concern…..put all of your focus on it.  Don’t avoid it…think about it in every detail….your worst fear with it, whatever makes you mad or sad, give it your full attention for a few minutes.  This may be something you’ve tried to block out of your mind….now is the time to face it for a few minutes.

Now imagine a large pink beautiful bubble floating above your head and place all of these thoughts you’ve been focused on within the bubble.  If you have to make the bubble bigger so be it….every image, person, scenario, whatever it is that is bothering you….put it all within that bubble.

The next step is to imagine that pink bubble begin to float higher and higher away from you… is slowly rise….filled with all of your concerns…..see it rise into the clouds…up into the sky……getting smaller and smaller as it head’s toward outer space.

You are releasing this bubble from your consciousness… no longer need it and you are not attached to it.  Let it go…..the vast sky and outer space will know what to do with it…..there is no need for you to worry about it any longer.

When you no longer see the bubble, take a few slow deep breaths again and open your eyes.  You have released that which has weighed you down!

This exercise is always handy to use whenever something or someone is annoying you… can do it anywhere and it can relate to any topic or problem.  From my experience, once I have completed this exercise the problem I focused on and put within the bubble no longer gets under my skin…..I am really freed of its distractions.  That doesn’t mean you won’t still face the challenge….but this will help you manage it… keep it from getting the better of you….and it will empower you to overcome its hold on you.I have always loved this exercise and I use still use it whenever I need it.  I hope its helpful for you and provides you with some relief.  Give it a try and let me know how it works for you….I always appreciate feedback!!!!

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