Sunday March 8, 2015

SunMar8CardThe card I picked for this week is Ride the Wave from the Enchanted Map deck and the message is….things are falling into place….the universe is lining up everything to serve your highest good.  But the question is….are you allowing yourself to recognize it?

Sometimes we ask for something and don’t realize the answer is right in front of us….because the conditions might be foreign or change is involved making us uncomfortable.

If you find yourself resisting anything that is happening this week…..ask yourself why you are resisting……and what if you allowed it to take place?  What if you went with the flow and allow yourself to see what happens?

Saying no no no…..often can lead to more no in other areas of your life… block yourself from the yes’s.  When you say yes….or at least….okay….and just go with it….you may find it takes you where you hoped to go.

The good news is when you notice the amazing waves that are coming through your life this week…..even the little things……you amplify them by appreciating them.  The waves get bigger….they rise and take you higher.  Allow yourself to see the waves….pay attention….catch them and ride them.

When you ride the wave and go with the flow you will always end up where you want to be.

What wave are you noticing and catching today?

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