Sunday March 25, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Osho Zen Tarot deck and the card I picked is Sharing.  The message for someone reading this… are in a position to help people in many ways… be the light for others when they feel blinded by darkness.  Your values, knowledge, experience, and compassion will really help someone within your life right now.  Someone will be turning to you because you are skilled at listening and supporting….you can help them find the possibilities and solutions they need right now.

You’ve climbed a mountain and its time to show others how to accomplish what you’ve achieved….to pass the torch and assist others.  The gift of your attention is one of the biggest gifts you can share right now….seeing a person for who they really are without judgement….noticing them…recognizing them.

If someone is needing you today….give them the support they deserve rather than ignoring their call….its part of your destiny and theirs….connecting you on a deep level at this time.  Invite them over for a meal our out to a meal.  Your ability to help and offer healing right now is a lot stronger and more powerful than you realize.  Being there and helping them will put them back on track….and they will move on to help others they way you’ve helped them….a ripple effect of great service and care.