Sunday March 1, 2015

SunMarch1CardThis week I picked the Ideas & Inspiration card from the Healing with the Angels deck.  The message for this week is to pay close attention to any and all intuitive hits you receive.

Ideas and inspirations are coming to you all the time….not just this week but every moment of your life.  However, this week there will be some big epiphanies coming your way so make sure you catch them.

Water is a catalyst in receiving higher guidance.  Have you ever noticed you get great ideas while in the shower or bathtub?  Often a person steps out of the shower and then forgets whatever came to themIt might be a good idea to keep a pen and paper outside your shower so you can write down whatever comes to you.

Reading a new book or even going to an art museum…..exposing yourself to any kind of creativity will spark new ideas.  Have you been on the fence about taking a new class?  This is the week to go for it!  You will be so glad you did and many great things will come out of it.

Consider spending some time free-writing to see what comes through… just never know when your next idea will come out of nowhere.

Open up your awareness to see beyond first impressions.  Read between the lines and look for the signs that are being delivered to you….notice the words that jump out at you…..sounds and scents that ignite a feeling…..images and colors that set a tone and tempt you toward a new direction.

Its up to you to allow amazing ideas and inspirations into your life this week.  Expand your senses and absorb the gifts!

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