Sunday February 22, 2015

SunFeb22CardThe card for this week is Take Charge of the Situation, from the Ascended Masters deck.  The message for this week is to not sit back and wait for things to happen.  This is also not the time to play the victim…..let go of the illusion that everything is happening to you and that you have not role or contribution into what you are facing.

You have the power to create your reality.  You are drawing to you all that you are thinking and feeling….for that which is like itself is drawn.  If there is something you would like to change in your life… is the time to take the steps to change it.

You do have a say in all matters….and you can manifest anything you desire…..and you are strong and capable.  It begins with imagining it….then feeling it….followed with taking action to bring it through to fruition.

Moses was responsible for many miracles……and you too have the power to move mountains.  The only thing getting in your way from making anything happen is your perception of the situation as passively observing.

Actively allow and deliberately create what you feel inspired to create.  Call upon Moses if you like…..embody his energy…..use it to inspire you and charge you to create your own miracles.

This is a week to step up….to get in that driver’s seat and steer your way toward whatever you desire.  You are being called to wake up to your own power and ability to lead rather than follow… radiate rather than react… achieve rather that succumb.

Where are you feeling called to take charge this week?  How are you answering the call?