Sunday February 15, 2015

SunFeb15CardThis week’s card comes from the Rider Waite deck and the card I picked is the Two of Wands.  The message for this week is… you have specific goals in mind and now is the time to make plans and take action.  Consider what you can do today that will carry you forward toward your dream.

Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and consider taking what may feel like a risk.  The old you would see this as a risk but the new you will look back and see it not as a risk….rather…. a necessary progression needed to shake you out of a secure spot you were otherwise cautious of leaving.

Map out a long term plan and include daily steps to get you there.  Show up everyday to your goals and dreams.  Every little action step you take will keep the wheels in motion and before you know it you have built something special.

See yourself where you would like to be….imagine how it would feel as if it were your reality today.

Begin the process…adjust your sails to catch the current of energy your heart emits and flows toward fulfillment

There may be someone who you can connect with this week that will help you build your dreams.  This may be a new teacher, a mentor, someone you look up to who can offer you valuable advice.  If you have been thinking about reaching out to someone….do it this week.  Now is the time to dive deeper….create important relationships and gather more information that will add to your foundation.

Whether its a small step or a large step….set the intention to take a step each day this week.  What is the step you will take today?

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