Sunday April 8, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck and the card I picked is the Knight of Pentacles.  The message for someone reading this is….you are making steady progress as you prepare to share something with the world.  What you are working on will offer lucrative returns for you….and part of your success in accomplishing you goals is to maintain your steady progress….be methodical….slow and steady wins the race.

Pay attention to all the details… meticulous….if you are feeling any urge to through caution to the wind and through yourself forward….hold back and think everything though.  This is not a time to throw yourself forward without really thinking….a much better approach is thought out….prepared….organized.

You are on the right track….there maybe some challenges coming very soon….like in the next week or so….but they are nothing major.  Don’t let these challenges shake you….you will be fine….stay focused on your end goal and continue to follow the procedures as you have been.

You wil receive two offers….two opportunities to choose from soon….likely job offers of some sort because making more money is involved.  Both opportunities are good choices….its up to you to decide to pursue either of them…..I’m actually seeing these opportunities may go hand-in-hand and both can lead to bigger and better things (whatever that means for you).

Know that you are on the right path….if you are feeling stagnant don’t worry about it….keep moving at your steady pace because you will benefit by not rushing too quickly.  Everything will unfold for you in due time….you will be ready for it when it does…..and you will benefit greatly.

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day….enjoy your Sunday!!!