Saturday March 3, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Healing with the Fairies deck and the card I picked is Rise Above Problems.  The message for someone reading this is….you feel like you are shining right now….getting into a grove, a zone, feeling good about yourself and your path.  But you are also feeling like there are people around you questioning you and what you are doing right now….this could be family members, coworkers, or a group of friends….but I am seeing it as a few people.  You feel as if they are doubting you, maybe snickering or being sarcastic about your action, questioning you in some way.    I am hearing there may be an interaction of this kind around 5pm today.

Some may feel your head is in the clouds….but thats actually a good thing right now….because it keeps your head high above theirs and any toxic energy that would otherwise bring you down.

Do not let them second guess yourself….your inner light is trying to shine bright right now and its important that nothing extinguish it.  You’ve been soaking in new energy that is propelling you up to a higher vibration…..ride this tide and let it carry you above other people’s dramas.  You don’t have to give any attitude back to them….but energetically send a message to them to “talk to the hand” if they don’t understand…..nothing will waver you right now as long as you establish your boundaries.

Little comments and judgements from others can be a real distraction…..but they are powerless if you are aware and recognize them for what they are….like little bugs to be shooed away. I am hearing….your ship is sailing…and along the way you are hooking and reeling in new energy….new people….new creativity….and new power.  Consider the reality of this as you continue through your day today and you will protect and support yourself so nothing stands in your way.

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day…..have a great Saturday!!!