Saturday March 10, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Life Purpose deck and the card I picked is Strength.  As I tune into this, the message I’m getting for someone reading this is… you may face a challenge….this could be a person….a challenging situation…..possibly something do do with an environment like a living situation or work space…..some sort of obstacle today that makes you question how you are going to deal with it and get through it.  This is a reminder of how far you have come in your life journey and how strong you really are to face these challenges.

You need to rise above it, don’t get caught up in any doubt, fear, and/or drama.  Open your eyes and see what is really going on…’ve been too far inside the forest to see the trees (so to speak)….but if you take a step back and see everything for what it really is….you will not feel intimidated.  Challenges are a part of life and are necessary to contribute to one’s growth….as you get through each challenge you gain more strength from the gratification of the accomplishment.

I am seeing a person climbing up a tall complex tree with a lot of branches….with each branch you have to strategize your next move and keep moving up the tree to find the next branch….maintaining your strength and momentum that will carry you up to the top.  You may look up this tree and ask….how will I get to that next branch?  But if you reflect back on the tree you have climbed thus far….how many branches you found and passed….you will be reminded of your power to move up and onward.

Mentally prepare yourself today by remembering how strong you are, that people and/or challenging situations can not shake you… are solid.  Reminding yourself of how strong you really are will create an energetic shield to protect you from anyone or anything draining your energy.  Take the peaceful approach by not letting anything get under your skin….take a deep breath if you feel like lashing out in some way due to frustration.

You are peaceful, safe, and grounded at the core…..tap into this space within you through deep breaths and conscious focus of the fact that anything feeling challenging today is temporary and really an illusion trying to fool you into thinking you are not connected to your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self is always with you, in you, all of you.  Reconnecting with your strength will realign you with your Spirit…your Higher Self….and you will move forward, onward, upward on the tree that is your soul’s journey.

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day…..have a great Saturday!!!