Saturday January 28, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Life Purpose deck, and the card I picked is Time to Decide.  The message I’m getting for someone reading this today is that you have been spending a lot of time and energy absorbing information, learning, and reviewing a ton of options regarding where you want to go with your life and where to take what you’ve learned.  This has been a very productive process for you….you’ve gained a great deal of knowledge and you are aware of everything that’s available to you.

So many options to choose from can be overwhelming…. where do you go….what do you do….which thing is right for you?  The great thing is that there are a ton of options within your grasp…..but now is the time to grasp!

Its time to experience and move forward….you can learn more as you go…..but its time to pick something….take the ball and run with it.  You never know what it will lead to….other doors will open and its okay to take one step at a time without a clear vision of the light at the end of the tunnel.  But if you feel like you’ve been in a twister of information overload….where its like “….ahhh!….I love all of these ideas….which one is right for me?!!??!?”……Just go for it….be decisive….focus your attention a little closer on one thing and see how it resonates with you.  You can be a jack of all trades….by right now its important to master one.

I will be back tomorrow with a card reading of the day….have a great day today!