Saturday February 7, 2015

SatFeb7CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Trust Your Vibes deck and the card I picked is It’s A Team Effort. The message for today is…..remember you don’t have to do everything alone…..others can provide assistance to your efforts.

Look around you and pool your resources. There are people available to you that you might not have noticed until now…..they have a few things you could use and you can help them as well.

There is a ship about to sail relating to a specific task or project…..and one person cannot handle the ship alone. A crew of people with a variety of talents and specialties together will drive the ship in the right direction more effectively and faster than if you did it alone.

Don’t get too many people involved….as that might complicate things. But having a few others to share your visions and ideas….getting outside input from others will be beneficial.

I also see someone connecting others through a project or assignment…..someone who is meant to help these people….to be the one to bring them together….who otherwise would never meet. The new connection that forms will lead to great things for these people….and the one who connects them will also be blessed for the assistance they provide.

Are you the person that can help bring people together?

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