Saturday Feb 11, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Life Purpose oracle card deck and the card I picked is Let Go.  The message I am getting for someone reading this is……you have been facing a situation with resistance….this could be having to work with another person….having to step up to complete a task that you’d rather not do…..having to part ways with someone when you know deep down in your heart is the right thing to do but you are afraid to let go.  This resistance is causing a block….an energetic wall around you that is keeping new energy from flowing into you life.

Release any need to control the situation….take a deep breath….give in and open yourself up.  Resisting will only delay the inevitable…..and if you let go you will see thinks will not be so bad.  There is no need to empower your negative feelings by grasping on to something out of fear and insecurity.  Taking a step back and letting go will ease the situation… will feel the flow of refreshing new energy come your way….carrying you forward.  Peace is presenting itself….accept its invitation…..follow its lead….by letting go….and you will feel a lot lighter and more free like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

I am also getting a message for someone reading this who has an ailing pet and they are struggling with whether to continue to treat the pet through doctors and medication or if its time to let go.  Only you can make that decision….but try asking your pet directly and out loud…..tune into your pet and see what he or she says….see how you feel….you are connected with them at a deep level and they will share the perspective with you.

It is important to remember to consider the pet’s well-being and what is ultimately best for them so they do not have to suffer….rather than putting your own needs and attachments to the situation first.  Whether the time is now to let go or 5 years from now…..know that the connection through love with your pet never disappears…..long after they are gone from the material plane they are still with you….connecting, guiding, loving, and supporting.  Once that love is placed  within your heart and your pet’s heart….. it lives forever.

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day….have a great Saturday!!!