Saturday April 14, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Fool’s Wisdom oracle card deck and the card I picked is The Romantic Fool.  The archetype of the Fool offers an objective unedited view our ourselves…..providing guidance, assistance, and direction.

This is an interesting card to pick today because it continues the message from yesterday that came from a totally different deck….that love is in the air.  The message for someone reading this is….allow yourself to love right now because there is so much that will develop from it.   Yes….open yourself to loving others and to be loved….but really the most important thing is to find love that is already within you….and in everything around you…..ignite the feeling and expression of love within yourself.

Tap into the passion for anything…..the passion for where you live and everything it has to offer….a passion for a project you are working on….a love for the fact that its the weekend and you will have some free time…..a passion for the flowers that are blooming down on the corner next to that building that always catches your eye.  Soak up the energy of that which attracts you right now.  This of course relates to friends and intimate relationships too.

But it is also important to not be blinded by love and romance…..allow yourself to experience the vibe of love and passion to the fullest but don’t depend on that outside source to complete you.  You already have this love and passion within you…..not just one thing ignites it….everything around you can ignite it……your ability to love is the greatest gift you already possess.

Try finding something to love in everything you encounter today…..even if you think you hate something…..there is always something to love…..whether its a small detail or big.  Find that detail to love… don’t have to admit it to anyone….recognize the positive.  Discovering some quality to love in everything today will open your heart wide…..making your heart like a magnet….drawing new loving energy from everywhere.  It may sound cheesy but it works….and again….no one has to know you are doing this…..but just try finding something to love in everything today…..appreciate…..and you will benefit greatly in every aspect of your life.

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day….have a fantastic Saturday!!!