“Michael is clear, concise and caring in his presentation. The session was extremely relevant to life issues I am addressing now. The information and guidance were very helpful and supportive. I would not hesitate to speak with him again.” – Samantha M.

“I am so incredibly thankful for Michael’s help. His abilities are incredible and he is accurate and so quick!!! Besides being amazingly intuitive, Michael is also very sage and is able to introduce helpful solutions. I can not recommend him enough!!!” – Debbie B.

“Thank You Thank You Thank You so much for your amazing counsel and ability to “see” and “know”. Because of the clarity you gave me, I was able to easily change my perspective and make choices beneficial to my happiness. I feel incredibly happy and grateful right now. Thank you so much again. You are an earth angel <3 ”   – Seth D.

“I love speaking with Michael. He is supportive, quick, really specific and totally spot on target.”  – Mary T.

“Thanks Michael! He’s very straightforward and clear. I highly recommend him!” – Jennifer N.

“I am so grateful for Michael’s ability to understand and give me a much clearer perspective. He is able to deliver empathy and warmth as well as offer me practical solutions. Michael is absolutely amazing!!! Many many thanks!!! ”  – Melissa S.

“Michael is absolutely AMAZING! He was able to quickly connect with my situation  and helped me to have a much better understanding and perspective. He also used different modes of intuition which helped to give me even more clarity. I appreciated so much much his warmth and empathy as he delivered guidance and council. I am incredibly grateful and I most highly recommend Michael!”  – Amy C.

“It’s unbelievable, you touch upon the topics that have been keeping me awake at night and I am so appreciative of you and this information.”  – Brooke C.