Raise Your Vibration!

Music vibrates….we can feel the vibration through the beat amplified from an instrument or from stereo speakers.  When we hear good music it makes us happy, takes us back to a specific time in our life, strikes a cord within us and it can give us physical chills…or…goose bumps.  Archeologists say that music was used to communicate before people developed verbal languages.  Music activates the chakra energy  systems and feeds the soul.  Music connects people….effects people…..it strikes a cord within or core that transcends time and space.

There is a reason churches play music and gather people together to sing…..music raises our vibration to a higher level where we can connect with Spirit, our Higher Selves, and our intuition.  Take the time to listen to some music that you love and really enjoy it!   Consider the fact it is raising your vibration and feeding your soul….the benefits are tremendous and will uplift you in every area of your life!

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