Peace is A Few Breaths Away

breathOften people tell me they cannot relax, they do not feel they receive any guidance on their own, they are stressed because of the demands of life and cannot think clearly or make good decisions.  A simple solution that will help a person get a grip is simply through breathing.

Yes….I know everyone is always breathing, otherwise they would not be alive.  But most people maintain a shallow breathing pattern…..never breathing deeply.  When a person is not breathing deeply, there is a limited amount of oxygen circulating throughout the body and to the brain….leading to stress and a lack of clarity.

Try taking a deep breath in through the nose counting to 4, holding the breath in for 2, and then exhaling through the mouth counting again to 4.  Repeat this 10 times and see what happens… might be surprised that you are suddenly relaxed and feeling more grounded.

This is a great exercise to try when you are looking for guidance, answers, and/or are trying to make a decision, and it will really help you open up to your intuition.   After repeating a controlled breathing pattern you allow yourself to relax and open up to receiving information that is for your highest good in that moment.

I know when my mind is racing with too many thoughts, I can follow this breathing exercise and will rid myself of the unnecessary chatter…..and then amazing ideas come to me that I never would have been able to process because my mind was in overdrive.

The power of breath is something that can be taken for granted…..but if you turn your attention to it… may experience its power in releasing the stuff that has weighed you down….freeing yourself and allowing you to be at peace again.

Let me know how this technique works for you….if it enhances your intuition….and what you discover.  I always love hearing about the other people’s experiences….we all learn from each other!!!


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